The Secret of Lord Krishna’s Birth

In the childhood Krishna steals the butter from the handi, which is tied up beyond his reach, he climbs over his friends shoulder to steal the butter (makhaan) and the handi slips and it breaks, he steal to eat and not to win the prize money!!!

Today we are breaking Dahi Handi for the sake of money; why to commercialize and politicize the festival of Janmastami? Lord Krishna the god who took Avatar to cleanse the world of sin gave us the Bhagwad Gita and promised us to return on this earth, whenever the evil overweigh good.

The whole world is celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna on the Ashtami; which is observed on the eight day of the dark half or Krishna paksha of the month Shraavan in Rohini Nakshatra, it falls between Mid-August to Mid-September, his birth on the earth has completed 5232 years; he was born on 21st July 3228 BC; he lived 125 years on this earth.

The Mahabharata war was fought on November 22nd 3067 BC – Lord Krishna left Dwarka 36 years after the battle of Mahabharata and he was not seen after that, according to the Hindu scriptures that he was 89 years old when the battle was fought, again the Mahabharata mentions that Kalyug began on the day Krishna left and this year is 5106th year of Kalyug.

It was on February 18th 3102 BC; that the Lord Krishna breathed his last on the banks of the river Hiran in Prabhas Patan, after living 125 years, seven months and six days, he died at 14:27:30 hours.

We must celebrate his birthday like we celebrate our birthday, inviting our friends and family and not the political parties and sponsors!!!

Let the Dahi Handi be a private affair and not the public!!! At least we must try and avoid donating money for any religious institutes, to bring back the faith & purity into our religions.

The Secret of Lord Krishna’s Birth – “I am in you as you”


One Day…

One day in the week could be weak than other days, one day may be not like another day, but one day, all these days are like one day, every day will be like one day and that is My Day!!!

One day you don’t pray, don’t perform pooja, don’t go to temple, just forget God ever exist, you will feel weak, as it is a source of your energy, but never mind, now let that weakness becomes the  alternate energy.  

Don’t put alarm, don’t see the time, don’t wear a watch, you go office when you are ready, eat when you are hungry, sleep when you feel sleepy, drink when you are thirsty but please do not follow the time, let the time follow you.

Do not take any decision like whether to drink tea or coffee, to wear jeans or shorts, shirt or T-shirt, wear black or brown shoe, just do it blindly, try to keep your mind non-decisive and of course do not follow time, let the time follow you.

Do not be judgmental, like good or bad, right or wrong, rich or poor, just try to be neutral whether it is about a person , people, political party, neighbor, Katrina, Kareena, boy/girl friend or your husband/wife just don’t judge them and of course do not follow time let the time follow you.

Just feel the difference, one day is My Day!!!

God I hate you – Let one day be My Day…

Oh My Dog – OMD!!!

The dogs of foreign breeds are expensive affair, the monthly cost of the food is more than a common men grocery bill, their medical is expensive than ours, Government should allow Medi-claim, Pet allowances in the annual package, Tax deductions, only on imported dogs who are educated and understands English, Government should open schools for pet dogs to get degree like B.Dog

I feel sorry about our Indian dogs who gets only sticks and kicks, eats poor men food no butter no jam, they do party in the garbage bins, I really pity about them, why do we discriminate between dogs? After all dogs are dogs, they are not like god, different god to different religion!!!

We human beings gets very funny when it comes to animals, especially pet like dogs that are mute but understands all our emotions, making us emotional such as, some treat their dog like a child? they will feed them, bath together, taking out for the shit,  they play with ball, take them on holidays etc but the worst is some of them treats their children like a dogs such as,  Come here – Bring the ball – eat properly – do your homework, stop watching TV, go to sleep etc.

I like all such people who treat dog like a child and child like a dog, they are emotional and religious persons, they love dogs because they are mute and do not demand or crib like their children, they are religious because God is mute too, do not demand or crib, men loves people who don’t speak but only listens, for this reason most of the men doesn’t like their wives!!!

God I hate you!!! – Why so many God? Just be one and the whole world will be one!!!

AI flight crash at Mangalore – Lucky 8

Lucky 8

AI Express’ Boeing -737 overshoots at Mangalore Airport killing 158 passengers and 8 survive!!! How did they survive?  Why few passengers missed this flight? Was it the destiny?

Do you know all these 8 passengers were sitting close to from where aircraft snapped into two and they jumped through the gap created by the broken wing and they survived, was it a coincidence that all strangers sitting close to each other?

Do you know the karma philosophy? When plane accident happens, people with all the same karma on the same day will be on the same plane. If some are not part of that karma, they will escape, walk out of the plane, even though the plane is completely destroyed. That is means a miraculous survival of Lucky 8

The nurse Ms. Philip missed the flight for the first time in last 29 years, she misread the departure time, so in last 29 years no flight in which she boarded met an accident, so this flight was bound to meet accident? Is she is reaping the fruits of past karma. In short both the Lucky 8 who survived and the Ms. Philip who missed her flight are rewarded by their past karma.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna has said ‘Unfathomable are the ways of karma’

God I hate you – Why Aviation Minister Praful Patel is still surviving?

Hey baby – Why 9 months?

It may take a 5 minutes or 5 months or 5 years to conceive a baby,  but for sure 9 months to deliver the baby, maybe sometime little early or pre-matured doesn’t matter, but the nature’s thumb rule is 9 months.

Today’s generation thinks ahead of time, the ways of thinking has changed, there thought process is different, the Y-Gen is short of time so their thinking has got weird; a single woman can deliver 9 babies in one month? or 9 women can deliver a baby in one month? – sex has become like sports performance counts, performance is pleasure, the couple meets on week-end to perform and they had no time to wait for 9 months – Hey baby come soon!!!

Many people’s thinks intelligently, like some doesn’t understand why you want baby? Or why you need man and woman to produce the baby? Why can’t you produce babies with zero resources? It could prove good for the couple working in different cities and hardly had a time to meet.

According to Y-Gen scientist, if donkey is given 9 months may deliver human baby, so  it doesn’t matter woman delivers Donkey or Baby in one month, nine months or eighteen months, the man should be ISO certified and women should wear a helmet to deliver safe and healthy baby.

Maybe after 100 years a donkey could be a mother of a child or a woman a mother of donkey – The Human & Animal family may bring new revolution in the next century!!!

 Oh God I hate you – why can’t you stop Y-Gen, a Donkey cannot be our mother!!!

Disclaimer: It is purely a imaginative work bit wild – nothing such is sceintifically proved.

Which Mother’s Day?

This day is dedicated to all the mothers whether living or dead, if your mother is alive you are fortunate; if she is dead then you are more fortunate; because you don’t need to do what you have not done for the whole year;

Why we celebrate Mother’s Day & Father’s Day separately, can’t we have Parent’s day? Our society still do not accept those mother who had a child out of marriage, inspite we know that men is also involved; so if mother is supreme than why we insist for father’s name? Isn’t it enough ‘mere pass maa hai’

About 100 million women across the world starts her day after taking a tiny pills (contraceptive pills) to avoid unwanted pregnancy, let us assume out of 100 million 50% women are already a mother and rest 50% doesn’t want a child or maybe she is not ready, so since last 50 years 50 million children are waiting in heaven to take birth to have mother, maybe every morning those unborn are praying them to stop taking tiny pills, so to seek a womb and have a pleasure of celebrating mother’s day, it is whose prerogative mother or unborn?

Imagine the agony of surrogate mother or a childless mother!!! Which mother’s day we are celebrating?  Oh God I hate you – where do we find mother in the men’s world?

Why We Poison Our Children?

Every child born with his own fate or luck, but still we the emotional parents wants to re-write his/her fate, we want to fulfill our unfulfilled dreams from our child, we plan to secure our child’s future? We teach them He is your dad, your mom, your grandma, grandpa, sister, aunty and this is our God, we belongs this caste and religion – All this Non-sense!!!

We christen him/her  with our choice of name depends upon our religion if Hindu Ram, Krishna;  if Muslim Rahim, Mohamed; if Christian Joseph, Martin; if Sikh Gurunam, Hargobind etc;  we take him to Temple/Mosque/Church etc and make child identify our God/Allah/Bhagwan  and insist that ours  is the supreme than other Gods; put his habit to eat particular type of food Veg, Non-Veg, Jain etc  we teach him/her good things of life and that is our religion, taking blessing from our family Guru/Baba,  so when the child grows up he is trapped, that poison infected and spread deep into his systems, no chance to deviate or change, he has to walk on the solid path drawn by his parent .

The end result, he will continue living his life with that poison, he will not have guts to cross those boundaries drawn by his parents, he will grow and will do alike his parents, poison his kids and it continues to get them infected in a way defected – may be one child in lakh may rebel to chose the different path and he who will make the difference in this world!!!

We do not have a choice to select our parents but after birth at least we should have a right to select our name or decide whether we must follow religion or can skip or chose other, is it compulsory that we must believe in God, why cant we believe in ourself?

God I hate you – Stop this Infection!!!